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5 Easy Steps to a College Grad Purchase

  1. Enter your zip code and Click "Continue" to select your Preferred Dealer
  2. Fill out the Nissan College Grad Preferred Pricing Certificate and Click "Submit"
  3. Download and print the form
  4. Take your completed Nissan College Grad Preferred Pricing Certificate, along with your collegiate transcript/diploma or graduate school enrollment status, to your local Nissan Dealer
  5. Select your new vehicle. Your pre-determined price is already set… No Haggle, No Hassle and you drive away in your brand new Nissan!


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Program Qualifications include: graduation within 6 months or past two years from an accredited United States two or four year university, college, graduate school or nursing school. Students currently enrolled in graduate school are also eligible. Please visit the Program Details page for full eligibility requirements.